April 10, 2017

Bordello Chic

Madonna Inn
San Luis Obispo, CA
Room 163 - Old-Fashioned Room

It's been a while since we last did a Madonna Inn post, so here we are. You can reenact your favorite scene from the show Westworld in this imaginatively named "Old-Fashioned Room". Lots of deep red in this room. And check out the settee (these things seem to demand that they be called settees and not, say, sofas) -- tres bordello chic. And the wallpaper...well, let's not talk about it, shall we?

Color Television, Cable and...Ice Skating Rink

Suppose you are a motel owner in the middle of freezing January, and you can't very well advertise your swimming pool (even if it's said to be heated). So, what are you going to do? How about an ice skating rink? In the past, there have been hotels and motels that have had skating rinks. For example, here's a ski resort in Vermont:

Topnotch Inn
Stowe, VT

If you ask me, it looked like a patio that got flooded by a hose and then froze over.

And check out the "summer" and "winter" postcards of the same motel in the DC Metro area:

Marriott Motor Hotel
Washington, DC

 See how they set up the ice rink right on the top of the swimming pool and put rails around it for inexperienced skaters? At least the motel bothered with the rails, unlike the Catskills resort below:

The Granit Hotel and Country Club
Kerhonkson, NY

 This is a rather curious place to put in an ice rink. For one thing, the ceiling is rather low, so pair moves are definitely out. And look at all these lawn chairs lined up around the rink, like it was a swimming pool or something. Actually, judging from the architecture of the room, it looks like an indoor swimming pool room with the pool iced over.

April 7, 2017

Field of Red Dreams

Holiday Inn
French Quarter, New Orleans, LA

Feast your eyes on all this red -- clearly, the designer loved himself/herself some red. And look at that flowered bedspread, surely a contender for the world's ugliest bedspread. Also, observe how the television is affixed to the floor by a pipe, presumably to prevent drunk guests from wandering outside with it.

By the way, 1970's called and wanted that fern plant (lurking above the television) back.

January 16, 2017

Shiny Wallpaper -- Flee!

Hawaiian Regent Hotel
Waikiki, Hawaii

Look at these Hawaiian natives rowing away from a high-rise hotel as in horror. What on earth could they be fleeing?

Ah, we see the answer which is presented in the lower half of the image. Look at that shiny foil wallpaper overlaid with a cane pattern behind the bed. Can you say 70's decor, kids? I knew you could. And all that yellow -- bedspreads, carpet, curtains. For all we know, the ceiling might be yellow, too. A couple of ladies sporting beehive hairdos sit on the balcony, blissfully unaware of decorative sins being committed in this room.

January 2, 2017

Something Fishy About This Restaurant's Name

Joseph's Aquarium Restaurant
Boston, MA

No idea why this North End restaurant is named Aquarium, as it didn't look like one nor did it sell aquariums. (There is that little black fish under the central gable, though.) I did find out that it served seafood and that it stayed long enough to have entities on Yelp before closing for good. 

December 16, 2016

Beam Me Up, Bellhop

Hamilton Hotel
Chicago, IL

Judging from these two lighted sections in the back, it seems that this hotel was so far ahead of its time that it came equipped with Star Trek-style transporters, presumably to send you up to your room without bothering with these pesky old-fashioned elevators. However, the transporters must not be very efficient, judging from all these couches (here we go again with reds and goldens...) if you have to wait to be transported. (Wait, I think I see the problem -- they don't have these disc thingies on the floor like you see on Star Trek shows. I guess they were still working out these things back then.)

December 11, 2016

A Tacky Room in Wyoming

Chieftain Motel
Douglas, Wyoming

Just when you think you are safe, I am baaaack after a long absence with more ugly motel room postcards to sear your eyes with.

What do we have here? A room with twin beds positioned perpendicular to each other.  Apparently, the motel owners didn't care much for hanky wanky. On the back, it says that you can control your own heat. It seems that the motel owners couldn't think of anything good to say about the room.  Anyway, it looks like you can control heat simply by pulling these red blankets over the ugly dark-green plaid bedspreads. Oh, and check out the ugly curtains. Apparently, another attempt at deferring sex.

May I draw your attention to this curious concoction to the left, just behind the bed and in front of the door?

 What do you suppose that is? A torture device? A rack for a two-headed person to hang his hats?